A Note on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) from Dr. Ferguson:

Nashville Hip and Pelvis and Nashville Knee and Shoulder remain open for new and established patients.


  • We are utilizing telehealth virtual appointments when travel restrictions limit your ability to come to the office.  In fact-while last week I could barely turn on my computer, I can now do a fairly comprehensive visit, review any imaging you’ve had done, review your records, and do a pretty good job being a “Virtual MD!”What a difference a week makes! If only I could figure out how to do an Anterior Approach THA online…maybe next week…


  • In the office, we have limited traffic and spaced appointments to ensure the logistics of social distancing. 


  • All patients are contacted before their appointments to screen patients for CoVID-19 risk and to discuss changes to the waiting room policy.


  • We have increased time and resources for NEW PATIENTS WITH INJURIES, FRACTURES, SPRAINS AND IN NEED OF CAST CHANGES. We have opened our doors for these injuries to unload the regional emergency rooms. My partners and I are able to operate fractures, dislocations, acute tendon injuries, infections and wound problems-so we are not completely shut down! I was a trauma surgeon at level I trauma centers for 13 years before moving to Nashville!If there’s a fracture, we can fix it!


I’m incredibly proud of the steps we have taken to help our patients, staff, and community confront the challenges of the day. Val and I have been in the virtual exam room all week with patients all over the nation; confined to their homes, struggling with the fears of the unknown and the pain in their hips. The Telehealth Exam room has become my happy place. 


I have felt a sense of comfort speaking to people-new patients and established patients- reviewing their records and images, talking them through home exercise programs and other strategies to minimize their symptoms; sending out bands, refilling Celebrex, and just talking about our new normal. 


Any patient of mine will tell you, I’m not just their doctor.  We travel a path together that is far more than just the technical event of the hip surgery. This relationship seems to bring comfort to their lives as it does mine; more now than ever.


I have an unwavering confidence that we will see the other side of this storm. I’ve never been so sure of anything. I think the road will be long, but this practice is a community of strength and perseverance. We will see the other side. It won’t be tomorrow, but it will come. 


For now, there has simply never been as important a time to do the right thing and for us that means limiting “non-urgent” surgeries, limiting nonessential travel, and pitching in to help in whatever way possible. For example-I am donating blood despite my pathological fear of needles (which my sister says indicates the world really is coming to an end). We are focusing on patient wellness, weight loss strategies to optimize joint replacement outcomes, and staying on top of rescheduling surgeries. 



I’m proud to be involved with the St. Thomas/Ascension hospital teams and leadership committees developing strategies to not only address the spread of CoVID-19 and treat those patients that need treatment, but also get our joint replacement patients back to healthy lives as soon as possible.  Yes, I am incredibly confident that we will get our patients back into elective surgeries sooner than some due to creative strategic planning and our early efforts to limit transmission. 


In the meantime, I’ll be updating the website, getting the abductor injury and treatment information up FINALLY…and doing my taxes. From 2018. Yes. I hate sitting at my desk doing taxes.


I hope to see you in person or in the virtual reality of our new lives.  Stay safe, be well!

I am excited to announce that I will be relocating my clinic to join the Nashville Knee and Shoulder Center (soon to include “Nashville Hip and Pelvis”). I will be joining Drs. Jason Jones and Michael Pagnani in their established center of excellence in Orthopaedic care.


Merging our expertise in the upper extremity, the knee and now the hip and pelvis, we will offer elite surgical techniques and innovative diagnostic and treatment strategies to patients suffering from virtually any musculoskeletal condition.


Though our anatomical areas of expertise differ, we are all commonly motivated by a passionate dedication to the patient experience and will continue to offer a specialized “boutique approach” to all patients.


To schedule an appointment with Dr. Ferguson for 2020, please see below or contact Val at (615) 406-0095.

Tania A. Ferguson, M.D. MAS, one of the nation’s premier orthopaedic surgeons in the field of hip and pelvic reconstruction, has recently relocated her hip surgery program to Nashville.


Dr. Ferguson is a master surgeon focused exclusively on surgeries of the hip and pelvis. She has published more than 30 scholarly articles and studies, book chapters and on-line lectures to advance the practice of hip and pelvis surgery.  She is a founding member of the Anterior Hip Foundation, a Trustee of the AO Foundation, and travels the globe as a renown educator on hip surgery.


Dr. Ferguson is internationally recognized for her pioneering work with the Anterior Approach Total Hip Arthroplasty (aTHA), a superior technique of hip replacement in which no muscles are detached from the hip and pelvis allowing unrestricted return to activities.  She is passionate about preserving the native hip when possible. Dr. Ferguson is considered one of the nation’s most advanced and gifted surgeons for her work in the following hip preservation surgeries:

  • Periacetabular Osteotomy (PAO) to treat Hip Dysplasia

  • Bioregenerative surgery to treat Avascular Necrosis (AVN)

  • Surgery to treat fractures of the pelvis and acetabulum

  • Surgery to repair injured muscles (the abductors or gluteus muscles)

Dr. Ferguson has played a pivotal role in the evolution of the Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement (aTHA) in the United States.  She has used this revolutionary method as her sole approach for elective hip replacement surgery since 2004.  Dr. Ferguson’s advanced surgical skills and peri-operative pathways allow her patients the benefit of an OPIOID-FREE hip replacement recovery. The majority of her patients also take advantage of her “Outpatient Surgery” (same-day-discharge) hip replacement program.  Her patients return to unlimited activities and active lifestyles rapidly after this tissue sparing technique for hip replacement surgery.

Gluteus Repair

Patients choose Dr. Ferguson for her advanced care pathways & masterful approach to hip pain. Her practice sets the gold standard for outcomes after total hip replacement and hip preservation surgery. She is a surgical master, passionate about educating patients, families and colleagues in order to improve hip surgical outcomes worldwide.  Patients travel from all over the country for the world class, comprehensive hip program at the Nashville Hip Institute. Nashville has become a true “Destination Hip Center."

​Get back to your active lifestyle!

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"Dr. Ferguson is a gifted and compassionate surgeon; a rare combination! I walked out of the hospital 6 hours after surgery!"



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